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The crypto trading industry

The crypto trading industry is showing no signs of slowing down, which is why this may be the best time for you to get involved. The question is, where do you start? Which software system do you use to assist you in getting a streamlined trading experience conducive to your requirements?

The answer to both questions is Limmercoin. There's no need for you to take our word for it just yet. Instead, why not check out all the information below to help you understand why we are certain that Limmercoin is a great in the toolkit for beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders?

Allow Limmercoin to Jump Start Your Bitcoin Trading Journey

The basic model here is to allow heavily researched technology to cut out much of the manual work associated with trading. As is the case with any other discipline, it requires a host of dedication to improve.

Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that it only takes a short time daily and all you need to do is look at some numbers and make some decisions. If that were the case, why would people need to become investment advisors or brokers?
Better yet, why is it that the so-called professionals tend to do much better in the industry if it’s not a testament to skill and experience?

Limmercoin intends to allow you to bridge the skill gap where needed by providing the tools you need to get started. For example, you can choose to make all your trades through your assigned broker, or you can do so independently using the app if you are so inclined.

How Does Trading Work

The core of trading is incredibly simple to understand. Do not misunderstand that statement to mean that the act of trading is easy to perform. As indicated before, there is an experience element required. However, if you want to understand the process at a high level, you can think about it as a continuous exchange with a goal of profit in mind.

You must know that there is a high degree of risk involved in the discipline and understand where your risk profile lies along the spectrum from high to low. You could lose or you could earn. It all depends on how you play your cards and what the market has to say about it.

You begin by deciding on which asset you want to trade. Stocks are arguably the most popular, but Bitcoin which Limmercoin offers exclusively, is undoubtedly climbing the ranks.

We’ll use stocks to explain the basic principle of trading since it may be easier to understand for a beginner. A stock or a share is a unit of ownership in our company. For example, let's say that ABC Sunshine Company, which is currently a private enterprise would like to generate some revenue.

It may then decide to become publicly traded, offering shares or part ownership at a price. For simplicity, you can imagine that the entire pool of ownership consists of 3 billion units called shares or stocks. Each of these represents a percentage of the total ownership of the company.

Their owners may decide to retain 51% of the total pool to maintain a controlling interest in the business. The other 49% can then be sold at an agreed price per share. By purchasing a certain number of shares, you then own that percentage of the business. On the flip side, ABC Sunshine Company managed to meet its revenue target.

The process described above explains what shares or stocks are and how they may come about. After the initial owners have bought shares, they may choose to sell them under the stock market. Since the aim is to make a profit, they want to sell for more money than they initially bought the stocks for. This is the act of trading.

Based on a host of market factors, stock prices fluctuate up and down. Therefore, traders attempt to buy low and sell high.

Though the establishment of stocks may be different from the establishment of Bitcoin, you can apply the same basic principle.

Traders acquire the assets at a price and try to pass them along at a higher price. Of course, various techniques may be used which may appear to deviate from this simplistic view, but you can use this as a guideline for understanding how trading works.

With Bitcoin, you can own a whole or a portion of a full coin. This ownership is recorded on a ledger known as a blockchain. When advantageous, you may then decide to sell all or some of your Bitcoin. Your trading app, such as Limmercoin or the broker would facilitate the buying and selling process on your behalf.


Why a Trading App Is a Good Idea

Before, we told you that Limmercoin needs to be a part of your trading journey. Now, why would we say something like that? Well, trading can be a complex machine. For example, you may notice that the share price of an airline seems almost consistent.

Suddenly, it falls drastically, then it rises again. The rise may even be so meteoric that it goes beyond the initial price point. This could have happened for a variety of reasons. Maybe the airline’s head office was damaged by a fire, and repairs subsequently took place that would’ve restored its operational capacity. Alternatively, a more innovative and popular competitor may have emerged out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly.

Another potential explanation is that an unprecedented event took place lowering the amount of patronage travel received, effectively crippling the business's revenue for some time.

Whether you're dealing with traditional shares or Bitcoin, you rarely, if ever, have much to do with the reasons behind the market fluctuation. It's often a result of decisions made by other people or events out of anyone’s control, such as natural disasters.

Professionals in the field, such as brokers are in tune with the host of information that the people they represent would need to keep up with to even begin to try to make an accurate trade.

A trading app, such as Limmercoin also happens to be built by a team with a similar kind of experience base. Therefore, the kind of analytical thinking and variables that would need to be considered are baked into the platform. That’s why you are offered a choice of going through the broker or using the app when you create your Limmercoin account.

By no means does this indicate that you are guaranteed to profit by using a trading app. Instead, it means that it becomes a lot easier to trade from an informed standpoint while seeing the bigger picture than it probably would be if you decided to engage in trading on your own.

Limmercoin is aptly designed to facilitate a host of different styles, risk profiles, and experience levels. It works on an algorithm that can combine market analysis, historical analysis, probability computations, etc., to provide you with useful insights that would be in your best interest.


Limmercoin Signup Process

We are now in an age where signup processes need to be more efficient and intuitive than ever. Gone are the days of filling out online forms that require 50 fields across three different pages.

Limmercoin is only interested in the data needed to protect the account holder, other existing users, and to facilitate the trading process. Therefore, the requirements for creating your account are not too difficult.

First, you must provide some personal information to help the platform identify you and get things set up. The elements of data required include a name, address, email address, and desired password.

Before submission, you are going to be required to tick a checkbox indicating that you agree to the Limmercoin terms and conditions. While you don't have to read the terms, we strongly recommend that you do for a better understanding of what you may be agreeing to.

Upon submission, you are going to receive an email requesting that you click on the embedded link to verify your account. Until this step is completed, you are not going to be permitted to move around freely.

After activation, you then fund your account. Of course, you must put something in to begin trading with, and this is where that part of the process is carried out. The minimum deposit is $250. Based on affordability and the level of risk you are willing to take, feel free to exceed the minimum by however much you would like.

Before any trading begins, you are contacted by a specially recommended broker/account manager. This is the point at which the choice alluded to above comes into play. Do you want to make your trades through the broker, or would you prefer to just have the app and do so yourself?

It can seem like a tough decision, and you may be concerned about the merits of going either way. Here is a bit of information to help you decide where you currently stand.

The first and arguably the most important thing to think about is your experience level. Are you new to trading or have you been doing it for some time? A beginner may find that using a broker provides a more intuitive learning experience, allowing you to sharpen your professionalism while having someone on your side to help you make the best decisions at the onset.

If you are more experienced, then you may prefer to take matters into your own hands. Such a use case is more conducive to using the app directly. Even so, you still get access to the relevant insights and analysis techniques that the app provides, so you are not standing on your own with either decision.

Thinking about the amount of time you have is also a good idea. Trading takes time and discipline, and the only way to circumvent that is to have a broker. You always get the final say since the broker is simply there to advise you and make the best recommendations. Of course, the broker wins when you win, so the level of motivation is at an all-time high.

Should you have a lot of time to spare, then you could opt to go the app route, assuming you intend to spend the required time with it.

After deciding whether you want to use the broker or the app, your final step is to start trading. This is where we wish you all the best!


Device Compatibility

As is the case with the sign-up process, device compatibility requirements have evolved over the years and development teams have had to adapt. The expert designers of Limmercoin are no different, and they made all the required considerations when contemplating how compatibility would work.

For those who may be at home using a desktop PC or on the go with a laptop, once you have an internet connection, you can always jump in and trade with the very intuitive web application.

Mobile users are not left out as Android and iOS support are baked into the designs. The application detects your hardware and provides the appropriate display for the most streamlined and comfortable trading experience.

As version and feature upgrades for operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iOS are released, the team intends to continuously provide support in the form of patches and new releases, so you will never stop being able to access Limmercoin.

Experience Levels

You have likely deduced this from earlier statements, but you don't need to be a professional to take advantage of Limmercoin. our design is conducive to every level, allowing you to exercise as much or as little control as needed to meet your needs.

The app is intuitive enough and provides simple to complex functionality to accommodate anyone. Alternatively, even if you decide to make use of our specially selected broker, the extent of recommendations can be tailored to your needs.

User Experience

If the web page you are currently looking at is anything to go by, the user experience is something that is taken very seriously. Unfortunately, some of the best apps in the world with the highest level of functionality are never seen or used, simply because their interfaces turn off potential user bases.

We want Limmercoin to be as intuitive as possible for Bitcoin trading. There is enough complexity in the environment and the way it works, so there is no need for you to have to deal with it when trading time comes around.

The menus are logically laid out and the colors used are not oppressive. The idea is that you should always feel engaged and difficulty in use should be nonexistent.

Of course, the team is always open to feedback as it aims to continuously improve the Bitcoin trading experience.

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